A SimCity for the Climate

SimCity is/was a classic simulation game teaching basics of public policy, energy management, and environmental regulation. My kids played it a lot. Heck, I played it a lot.

Now, Climate Interactive, Tom Fiddaman of Ventana Systems, Prof John Sterman of MIT Sloan, and Prof Juliette Rooney-Varga of UMass Lowell’s Climate Change Initiative have teamed up to produce En-Roads, a climate change solutions simulator.

It’s pretty involved.

In addition, Bloomberg Green has adapted the simulator with a simpler menu interface to allow you to try some things yourself.

See more about the basic idea.

And check out Bloomberg Green‘s climate data dashboard.

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See https://wordpress.com/view/667-per-cm.net/ Retired data scientist and statistician. Now working projects in quantitative ecology and, specifically, phenology of Bryophyta and technical methods for their study.
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