Carbon Dioxide reaches levels not recorded in 4 million years. Connecticut Republicans are guilty of child abuse.

And Connecticut Republican Senate Major Leader Kevin Kelly, anytime anyone emits any greenhouse gas, they land a punch in the face of some grandchild alive today. They do that by burning those gallons of gasoline whose price you so want to protect, or generating electricity from natural gas. They do that by directly causing disruptive climate which will harm those kids, and theirs.

“Anytime the government puts its hand in the people’s wallet it’s a tax,” Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly said.

House Minority Leader Vincent Candelora said, “this is not about environmental policies, this is about pickpocketing the residents of Connecticut.”

The last time Carbon Dioxide concentrations on Earth were (just) higher than 400 ppmv (parts per million by volume), there was no Arctic ice cap and boreal forests were growing around the region of the present day Arctic Circle. In order for this to happen mean temperatures on Earth had to be 15 degrees Celsius higher than the preindustrial baseline associated with 288 ppmv.

(Taken from presentation by Dr Alan Haywood, Royal Meteorological Society Meeting, 2019.)

This is the equilibrium condition at just over 400 ppmv. There is no indication our own world will stop at 400 ppmv and could well reach 600 ppmv or even 800 ppmv because of the emissions which Connecticut Republicans Kelly and Candelora apparently love. No one around the world is addressing the problem at the level of ambition required.

If mean global temperature is +15C, conditions at the latitude of Connecticut and Massachusetts must be truly horrific, approaching desert, or at least tropical forest.

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