Climate records at Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory

The Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory (Wikipedia) is located not 6 miles from my home. An iconic structure, it is also the oldest continuously operating meteorological outpost, and has the longest scientific climate record in North America. Thought I’d share some of that data below. It is available at their site.

And, yes, along with membership in the American Meteorological Society, I am a member of the Blue Hill Observatory.

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2 Responses to Climate records at Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory

  1. John Bolduc says:

    It would be useful to find a way to digitize their records, at least recent decades. It would have been useful if daily records going back 30 years were available for climate modeling. We considered doing it for a recent project, but couldn’t get it organized.

    • If they are not digitized, do you know what form their records are as of now? In particular, if annual temperature is not digitized, how do they do the plots they do? And what, specifically, is your interest in using their records for a study? Note they are +500 feet higher than most of the Boston terrain, and not near the ocean, as Cambridge is.

      Just curious. I’m all for making records maximally available. But it is far more important to keep the infrastructure there and operating and recording than it is to make the records which are there available. If an entity, private or governmental, wants records made available or public, seems to me they should offer the resources to the entity that keeps the records to make it so.

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