It was the year 2000, Elizabeth Houghton had just died, and the plan was to restore the ecosystems about Fowl Meadow

Please remember Elizabeth Houghton as you pass by Routes 128 and 95 in Canton, looking north over her beloved Fowl Meadow and the Neponset River. She can no longer show you her photographs of the watershed under flood conditions and remind you that the aquifer under the meadow is 150 feet deep, holds 95 billion gallons of pure water, and provides flood storage to protect abutting towns. Elizabeth would applaud our efforts to restore Neponset wetlands, but she would remind us that there are presently nine separate proposed transportation and public works projects that threaten its well being.

Which of us will protect it now?

Ellen Anderson
Longtime friend and colleague from the Neponset River Watershed Association
November 1999

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Neponset River Watershed Association issued a report in the year 2000 titled “Restoring Wetlands Of The Neponset River Watershed”. Included in their goals was the following plan:
(Click on image to see a bigger picture)
With the huge University Station development underway, shown below, Fowl Meadow is bound to suffer, once again the victim of development.
(Click on image to see a bigger picture)
That’s why I’m boycotting University Station in Westwood and all its shops.

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