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“All of Monsanto’s problems just landed on Bayer” (by Chris Hughes at Bloomberg)

See Chris Hughes’ article. Monsanto has touted Roundup (also known as Glyphosate but more properly as ) as a safe remedy for weed control, often in the taming of so-called “invasive species”. It’s used on playfields where children are exposed … Continue reading

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+10 PV panels! Now at 13.45 kW nameplate capacity

In addition to our 10.0 kW PV generation, we just added an additional 3.45 kW, via 10 additional SunPower X21-345 panels. The new panels are tied to a separate SolarEdge inverter, an SE3800H-US. (The older inverter is an SE10000A-US. The … Continue reading

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photon farming on 30th March 2016, Westwood

(Click on image to see generation right now.) That’s 53.9 kWh, and a peak generation of 8.1 kW. And it’s just after Spring Equinox. Postscript. Utility-DIVE reports that ISO-NE now estimates installed solar in New England by 2025 will be 30% … Continue reading

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How nice it is that Nature and probability bend to developers whims!

As I have mentioned before, it’s so nice that Nature and probability bend to the whims of property developers and their Town Fathers, with the willing participation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). If you had property at risk … Continue reading

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Foul concerns (UPDATE: 14th September 2015)

Updated, 14th September 2015 I submitted a Letter to the Editor of The Westwood Press last week, one which was published in Friday’s paper edition. It did not/has not yet made it online. It was in response to an article … Continue reading

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The United States Clean Power Plan … It’s time.

“There is such a thing as being too late.”

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It was the year 2000, Elizabeth Houghton had just died, and the plan was to restore the ecosystems about Fowl Meadow

Please remember Elizabeth Houghton as you pass by Routes 128 and 95 in Canton, looking north over her beloved Fowl Meadow and the Neponset River. She can no longer show you her photographs of the watershed under flood conditions and … Continue reading

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