In celebration of the unification of Gravity with the other fundamental forces …

It was announced today that LIGO found definitive evidence of gravity waves last September. Excellent descriptions at IOP, including a beginners guide.

No better way to celebrate than with the Canettes Blues Band, from CERN: A group of physicists who do blues.

Most appropriate today, in my opinion, is “Take Me To The River” (lyrics):

But, then, there is their tribute to ATLAS, the experiment which found the Higgs Boson:

(Pardon the ad.)

No matter what people, en masse might think and act and behave, this, this is the real world. Quantum. Stochasticity. Reality stranger (to most) than any sacred text can imagine. A Universe more varied with possibilities and options than imagination is capable of imagining. And, at the same time, a Universe which is supremely hostile to life as we know it.

And a Universe we have next to no part of, except to be able to contemplate and understand it.

Things to think about.

As Bill Nye says, Science rules!

P.S. All you Physics and Astronomy geeks out there can trip on the trove of papers pertaining to this at See

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