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In celebration of the unification of Gravity with the other fundamental forces …

It was announced today that LIGO found definitive evidence of gravity waves last September. Excellent descriptions at IOP, including a beginners guide. No better way to celebrate than with the Canettes Blues Band, from CERN: A group of physicists who … Continue reading

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“1D Wave with Delta Potential and Triangle Initial Position” (Jeff Galkowski, Stanford)

The latest calculations from Jeff Galkowski, of Stanford.

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What the future of energy everywhere looks like

What will the energy landscape look like after utility companies are either dead, dying, or revert to a tiny portion of their territory? Silicon Valley CCE Partnership gives us all a clue. It’s been described in the San Francisco Chronicle, … Continue reading

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Waves in transmission problems ( by Jeff Galkowski)

“Distribution of resonances in scattering by thin barriers“, by Jeff Galkowski, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University. The lecture: “A solution to the wave equation for the transparent obstacle with speed 0.5. Damping is placed near the boundary of what is … Continue reading

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