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On the rise of the Trumpistas …

Just a couple of things to write about The Obvious. I have written a couple of longer thoughts as Comments, here and here, at … And Then There’s Physics. I reiterate that I don’t believe any voter was hoodwinked, that … Continue reading

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“Getting past grudging precautions: How the next President should address climate change”

Professor David Titley (see also, and here) writes in the online newsletter DefenseOne: Many observers think climate change deserves more attention. They might be surprised to learn that U.S. military leaders and defense planners agree. The armed forces have been … Continue reading

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In celebration of the unification of Gravity with the other fundamental forces …

It was announced today that LIGO found definitive evidence of gravity waves last September. Excellent descriptions at IOP, including a beginners guide. No better way to celebrate than with the Canettes Blues Band, from CERN: A group of physicists who … Continue reading

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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, online Nuclear Notebook

In the days before having just (!) climate change with which to concern ourselves, the threat of nuclear weapons loomed large. Although the threat is not extinguished by any means, it is diminished. For example, the United States and Russia … Continue reading

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