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“Sustainability failed. The future is just climate.” (Simon Propper)

Simon Propper has an excellent blog post at Context. An excerpt: Societies in most countries rumble on, worried about other things. The French are arguing about wealth distribution and church restoration. The Americans about abortion and trade tariffs. The British … Continue reading

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Gov Jerry Brown on Meet the Press, a parting comment on 2018 at Bill Gates’ Notes, and the best climate blog post of 2018

Segment One Outgoing Governor Jerry Brown of California on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning: I’ll miss him there, but I don’t think Gov Jerry is going anywhere soon. Segment Two Bill Gates Notes offered an end of year summary … Continue reading

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Social implications of our silly experiment with Earth

Climate is changing. Climate change is threatening to human elites. Climate solutions are “fetishizing the billionaire class”. And on the risks and damage from neoliberalism. Exponential growth, meaning keeping the permitting of new homes in the suburbs, is lethal. We’re … Continue reading

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sonnenCommunity connects households and makes conventional electricity suppliers obsolete through self-generated power

Sonnenbatterie presents the sonnenCommunity; members can generate their own power, store it and share surpluses online with friends or each other. The sonnenCommunity completely replaces traditional power companies and will soon be available to every household in Germany. – sonnenCommunity … Continue reading

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Holy F_____’ Sh__: Bill Gates, climate champion

Bill Gates. In The Atlantic. “We need an energy miracle.” “Bill Gates versus global warming.” I gotta say, whatever you think about him, he is truly alive, and engaged. He changes his opinion when the evidence indicates it. And that … Continue reading

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