“Can we trust climate models?”

J. C. Hargreaves, J. D. Annan, “Can we trust climate models?”, WIREs Climate Change 2014, 5:435–440. doi: 10.1002/wcc.288. See also D. A. Stainforth, T. Aina, C. Christensen, M. Collins, N. Faull, D. J. Frame, J. A. Kettleborough, S. Knight, A. Martin, J. M. Murphy, C. Piani, D. Sexton, L. A. Smith, R. A. Spicer, A. J. Thorpe, M. R. Allen, “Uncertainty in predictions of the climate response to rising levels of greenhouse gases“, Letter to Nature, 433, 27th January 2005, 403-406.

These are both due to the excellent discussion at the Science of Doom blog, so a hat tip to that community. Also, SoD reminded me of the insightful blog Dr Isaac Held writes, very much consistent with the “big ideas come from small models” them that Professor Ray Pierrehumbert maintains in his Principles of Planetary Climate.

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