WHT’s “Climate Sensitivity and the 33C Discrepancy”

I happened across a blog post (from 2013) by the mysterious blogger known as WHT (*) titled “Climate Sensitivity and the 33C Discrepancy“. If I could, I’d reblog it here, but their blogging site is not WordPress-friendly. WHT is now posting future things at context/Earth and I will follow. WHT produces a lot of interesting sites and posts, like a “stochastic analysis of log sensitivity to CO2“, and “spatial and temporal correlations of wind“.

Anyway, “Climate Sensitivity and the 33C Discrepancy” gives (yet) another way to prove, without further obfuscation or distraction, the connection between increasing atmospheric CO2 and global climate change.

(*) “WHT” may well mean “Webhubbletelescope” which is the blogging handle of one Paul Pukite.

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