“All of Monsanto’s problems just landed on Bayer” (by Chris Hughes at Bloomberg)

See Chris Hughes’ article.

Monsanto has touted Roundup (also known as Glyphosate but more properly as \textbf{\texttt{N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine}}) as a safe remedy for weed control, often in the taming of so-called “invasive species”. It’s used on playfields where children are exposed to it, including, apparently, in my home town of Westwood, Massachusetts.

There are more than 450 court cases in progress alleging harm from the product, and a jury in one, DEWAYNE JOHNSON VS. MONSANTO COMPANY ET AL (Case Number: CGC16550128), has found Monsanto, et al guilty with a US$289 million award. It’s long been known to affect fish and amphibians, and recently physicians have gotten concerned, particularly in its connection with cancer in humans.

Image by Benjah-bmm27Own work, Public Domain, Link

This has repercussions for Bayer, as Hughes explains.

But it is perhaps most foolish to think wishful environmental management justifies releasing such toxins where kids, adults, pets, and wildlife are exposed.

For more, check out Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration by Orion and Holmgren, 2015.

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