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On bag bans and sampling plans

Plastic bag bans are all the rage. It’s not the purpose of this post to take a position on the matter. Before you do, however, I’d recommend checking out this: and especially this: (Note: My lovely wife, Claire, presents this … Continue reading

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The elephant in the room: a case for producer responsibility

This is a guest post by Claire Galkowski, Executive Director, South Shore Recycling Cooperative. With so much focus on the recycling crisis, we tend to overlook the root cause of the problem: The glut of short lived consumer products and … Continue reading

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I ask again: Does Massachusetts have a share of the clean energy future?

Or is Governor Baker and the Massachusetts House going to subcontract that to other states, like Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New York? They are coming. Update, 2016-02-23 Where does Massachusetts get its energy now?

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“A Bill — To provide for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emission fees”

Senators Whitehouse and Schatz introduced legislation to put a fee on Carbon (via the “American Opportunity Carbon Fee Act”), imposed on all sources, including imports, with fees distributed to the general public. Senator Whitehouse gave a lengthy introduction to the … Continue reading

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“Frequency-comb-based remote sensing of greenhouse gases over kilometer air paths”

G. B. Rieker, F. R. Giorgetta, W. C. Swann, J. Kofler, A. M. Zolot, L. C. Sinclair, E. Baumann, C. Cromer, G. Petron, C. Sweeney, P. P. Tans, I. Coddington, And N. R. Newbury, “Frequency-comb-based remote sensing of greenhouse gases … Continue reading

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