“Human activity has nothing big enough to affect Earth”

“Human activity has nothing big enough to affect Earth.” That’s disingenuous and, usually, the speaker knows better but is trying to dissuade an audience from thinking human activity does. Or they parrot someone who is trying to do that. But data to the contrary are there, both in documented amounts of emissions, and also in isotopic signatures of fossil fuel combustion in the carbon dioxide in atmosphere. But this graphic shows the parallels. It is from The Great Acceleration, by Féliex Pharand-Deschênes, Globïa, using data from S.W.W.Broadgate, L.Deutsch, O.Gaffney, C.Ludwig, from an article “The trajectory of the Anthropocene”, submitted to The Anthropocene Review. Hat tip to Manchester Climate Monthly in their blog post, “Human emissions level off … So, no need to worry about #climate change?“.

(Click image for a larger version. Use browser back button to return.)

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