Links explaining climate change Kevin Jones liked

Kevin Jones asked me if I could put the links in a Comment on a post I made at Google+ in a collection or something for reference. I am therefore repeating the Comment with these details below.

No one simple thing will “solve climate change”. Seeking one simple thing indicates a lack of understanding. There’s really no excuse for that any longer. There are SO many good, free courses online such as David Archer’s Climate Change: Understanding the Forecast, and great books like Kerry Emanuel’s What We Know About Climate Change, and Richard Alley’s earth: The Operators’ Manual which explain the problem. There are even great videos like Richard Alley

and David Suzuki

It’s not that complicated to understand. Our economies are based, in large measure, upon energy obtained from extracting and burning fossil fuels. While there are some emissions from cement production and agriculture (apart from agricultural machinery), and these need to be addressed, heating homes, making stuff, flying planes, and driving trains, trucks, and automobiles is where it comes from, and a lot of that is structural now, e.g., having suburbs. 

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