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Our Children’s Trust

Record of the opening invocation. We are going to trial! Event hugely successful! 100+ people, media coverage. Photos at bottom Update, 2018-10-19 Youth Climate Case Vs. U.S. Government Will Head to Trial in October. Trump admin again asks Supreme … Continue reading

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Fraunhofer ISE assessment of practicality and cost of reducing emissions by 80% in Germany by 2050

The report. From the Summary: Figure 1 summarizes the main results of the analysis. A future energy scenario emitting 85% less CO2 emissions than 1990 levels is compared with a reference scenario, which assumes that the German energy system operates … Continue reading

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Numbers, feelings, and imagination

“But numbers don’t make noises. They don’t have colours. You can’t taste them or touch them. They don’t smell of anything. They don’t have feelings. They don’t make you feel. And they make for pretty boring stories.” That’s from here, … Continue reading

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Alex Steffen on Climate Defeatism

On 31st July 2018, Alex Steffen wrote (on Twitter) that: Reminder that climate defeatism—arguing that we are already so screwed that there’s no real point in acting to limit climate emissions or ecological damage—is absolutely a form of denialism, and … Continue reading

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No, Senator Marco Rubio and Larry Kudlow, we know how much humans contribute to climate change, at least precisely enough for Congress and an administration

14th October 2018, quoting Senator Marco Rubio and White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow, the Washington Post reported they each claimed that the recent UN report was an `overestimate`: “I think they overestimate,” Kudlow said of the U.N. report, which … Continue reading

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`significance testing`

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