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“Climate Change and the Post-Election Blues” (a reblog of a post by Meredith Fowlie at The Energy Institute, BerkeleyHAAS)

Originally posted on Energy Institute Blog:
I am living in a very blue state. The graph below charts Google searches for “stages of grief”. The spike in grief-stricken web/soul searching corresponds with- you guessed it- the 2016 election. The map…

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Hottest Year on Record

Originally posted on Open Mind:
Back when Richard Muller announced the formation of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, those who deny the danger from global warming were thrilled. They thought the Berkeley project would prove once and for all…

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Waves in transmission problems ( by Jeff Galkowski)

“Distribution of resonances in scattering by thin barriers“, by Jeff Galkowski, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University. The lecture: “A solution to the wave equation for the transparent obstacle with speed 0.5. Damping is placed near the boundary of what is … Continue reading

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