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The U.S. Constitution is a remarkable construct …

… well suited for the early 19th century. Updated 2020-12-05 The New York Times reports today that the United States Supreme Court … late Wednesday night barred restrictions on religious services in New York that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo had … Continue reading

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“We will love science and its controversies.”

We will continue, Professor. With all the teachers and professors in France, we will teach history, its glories and its vicissitudes. We will introduce literature, music, all works of soul and spirit. We will love with all our strength the … Continue reading

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“You don’t have that option.”

Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson. I think he’s awesome. Marvelous. I saw him in Boston. He and I did not get off well, at the start, because of my being awestruck, and feeling very awkward, and the short time we had … Continue reading

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Acting on climate change is fundamentally a moral question; it’s about what’s right; it’s about our values If acting to mitigate climate disruption is, indeed, a moral issue, where are the world’s religions on it? Sure, there are voices, there are movements, but I do not see pulpits sounding the alarm once per month or two … Continue reading

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“… [A] fair, legally binding and truly transformational climate agreement …”

Bishops from around the world have appealed to the COP 21 meeting in Paris to create a “fair, legally binding, and truly transformational” climate agreement. That’s from Vatican Radio which has the full statement. There is more coverage from the … Continue reading

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Purity in Disney: Tangled’s Take on Premarital Sex

Originally posted on Outgrowing and Out-learning Religion:
Image taken from Tangled’s Wikipedia page at I may be in my twenties, but I absolutely love Disney. You may be wondering where that fits into a blog about religion and politics,…

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