“Storm-proven forecasting gets yearlong trial”

Storm-studying scientists have made their next-generation forecasting system available online so the wider weather community can put it to the test. After using the real-time system during short-lived field research campaigns, developers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) are now ready to see how it performs year-round, and they’re eager for user feedback.

In April, NCAR scientists began running daily forecasts using the sophisticated system, which has proven its mettle by skillfully predicting the path of early summer storms as they roll across the country’s midsection. The new project, which is funded to run through at least mid-June 2016, will allow scientists to see if the forecasts are as adept at predicting weather phenomena that more frequently occur at other times of the year.

For more, see the overview story at NCAR.

Technical details are available here.

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