“NOAA temperature record updates and the ‘hiatus’” (from Gavin at REALCLIMATE)

NOAA temperature record updates and the ‘hiatus’.

No doubt there’ll be, as Dr Schmidt says, a howl of protests that the data are “being manipulated”. There’s more discussion by Professor Mann.

But, more to the point, it looks like we’re getting a resolution of some of the questions I discussed here and here.

And here’s the link to the original scientific report.

And ars technica has a very nicely done short summary.

I’m reading the report now. A chunk of the corrections are due to the improvements in techniques described by Smith, Reynolds, Peterson, and Lawrimore, using empirical orthogonal teleconnections. See also the paper by Huang, Banzon, Freeman, Lawrimore, Liu, Peterson, Smith, Thorne, Woodrull, Zhang, which had been implemenet in the reot package for R, but seemingly has not been kept up to date, and in the package remote, which has been.

And from NOAA itself.

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2 Responses to “NOAA temperature record updates and the ‘hiatus’” (from Gavin at REALCLIMATE)

  1. Thanks much, Tim!

  2. Tim Salabim says:

    Just a quick note, regarding the two R packages you mention. remote is the replacement for Reot. I outline the reasons for the name change here:



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