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Climate Scientist Michael Mann

Professor Michael Mann is a personal hero of mine, principally because he connected, for me, the world of time series and principal components with climate science, showing there might be some small thing I can contribute to the discussion, and … Continue reading

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Post-tropical Cyclone Sandy, One Year Later: A technical retrospective

Dr Dan Satterfield at his Wild Wild Science Journal tipped a report regarding some fascinating retrospective modeling work done by NCAR reported by Dr Bob Henson at their Atmos News periodical. It provides a fascinating and visually stunning view of … Continue reading

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“Is Roger Rabbit running AccuWeather?”


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Radiative Forcing: Where We Stand

The RealClimate blog has a very nice history of how these have developed today.

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“The universe doesn’t care what you believe”

(Hat tip to Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal, and thanks to him for reminding me of this great cartoon.)

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High School Sports versus What High School is For

http://blogs.agu.org/wildwildscience/2013/09/24/worth-a-read-the-case-against-high-school-sports/ Direct link is: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/10/the-case-against-high-school-sports/309447/

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Prof Mark Berliner on ‘Climate Change, Uncertainty & Communication’

Professor Mark Berliner addresses how to communicate climate change in the context of risk and uncertainty. I wish I could hot link the video here, but there is no “share” at the site, so I can only provide the link.

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What’s the cheapest way to re-capture human emissions of carbon dioxide from natural reservoirs?

The news on reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions is not good. A famous study (“wedges”) on approaching the enormous problem released a pessimistic update recently, arguing we need many more of them. There is also so much we do … Continue reading

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