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Climate Scientist Michael Mann

Professor Michael Mann is a personal hero of mine, principally because he connected, for me, the world of time series and principal components with climate science, showing there might be some small thing I can contribute to the discussion, and … Continue reading

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Economics, Melting, and Sea-Level Rise (Professor Richard Alley)

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“All the water on Earth”: From the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

All the water on Earth. From one of my favorite places, WHOI. Update, 24th March 2014. The United States Geological Survey has a more comprehensive look at this, using in part WHOI graphics.

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Carbon Is Forever (*)

The author of Global Warming — Understanding the Forecast, Professor David Archer, also the excellent teacher of the University of Chicago Open Climate 101 course, teamed with others, in 2008, to study and explain the longevity of CO2 in atmosphere. … Continue reading

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The 2013 story begins: Whiplash

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Barenaked Ladies, and I.S.S. Chris: Is Somebody Singing?

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Forward On The Climate rally, D.C., National Mall, 17th February 2013.

Be there. Details available at the Sierra Club site: Forward On The Climate.

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What’s the cheapest way to re-capture human emissions of carbon dioxide from natural reservoirs?

The news on reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions is not good. A famous study (“wedges”) on approaching the enormous problem released a pessimistic update recently, arguing we need many more of them. There is also so much we do … Continue reading

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