Monthly Archives: November 2018, the Podcast: Episode 2, or Probability is Real.

This is the second installment of the Podcast here, hopefully with better sound quality.

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Commencing today, I’m offering another channel of this blog, a podcast. This will range over the interface between people, their behavior, and the natural world. It’s primarily an opportunity for a less structured and more personal presentation of my experience … Continue reading

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Prof Nic Lewis, Reason, and a claimed criticism of Resplandy, et al

Updated 2018-11-14: See at bottom Professor Nic Lewis has criticised the Resplandy, Keeling, et al report in Nature which I previously mentioned. A summary of his criticism appears in the somewhat libertarian ezine Reason. I have responded there, but their … Continue reading

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There’s a slew of bad news which has hit the scientific journals, the most notable being L. Resplandy, R. F. Keeling, Y. Eddebbar, M. K. Brooks, R. Wang, L. Bopp, M. C. Long, J. P. Dunne, W. Koeve, A. Oschlies, … Continue reading

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