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Selfish Routing is Why, in the Long Term, CDNs are not in everyone’s best interest

It’s all about the Price of Anarchy, and its implications for routing on the Internet. These are not only greedy measures, they are monopolistic. And they support oligopoly.

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That two degree limit is closer than it appears

The UNFCCC’s COP21 concluded goals which aimed for limiting global warming to C, and certainly keeping it below C, both measured with respect to pre-industrial temperatures. Bad news. According to the United States National Center for Atmospheric Research (“NCAR”), in … Continue reading

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All I do is complain, complain …

I was reviewing a presentation given as part of a short course in the machine learning genre today, and happened across the following two bullets, under the heading “Strictly Stationary Processes”: Predicting a time series is possible if and only … Continue reading

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